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LG (8 sessions)

I’m Really grateful, really, really thankful that Tricia came into my life.. My life was a mess and sinking lower. I was losing everything. Not only my mind but my job, my relationships and those closest to my heart.

I had never known that what I had was PTSD but with Tricia’s help and understanding in trying to get to the bottom of what was damaging me, I am now into the light.

I can see for the first time in many, many years..

With no interest in anything, I was spiralling into oblivion with no way out..

Now I’m feeling positive, I cope better at work, I write, do creative things, notice things around me, go out, meet with friends and don’t even feel guilty about resting. I sleep too..

In fact I think I owe my life to her.

She has released me from the demons that haunted my every moment..

I can now cope, breath, see and think straight..  deal with problems and know I can ‘Do this’…

From a life of darkness, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insecurity, shutting myself away from the world and blaming myself, I’m coping..

She helped me understand how my thoughts and brain worked, how my brain was not my enemy but protecting me and how to work together with it and unlock my life..

I’ve never experienced this kind of therapy before and it worked!

I would definitely recommend Tricia to anyone who really needs help………… I cannot thank you enough..



PW (5 sessions)

Traumas that have affected me in the past don’t appear to be causing me difficulties anymore, the memories are still there but they do not affect me. I am not as stressed; it feels like tension as opposed to stress and I can deal with it. I am also a lot less anxious and can let go of that as well. I am functioning far better, my self-care wasn’t great but now it’s back to normal. I have a feel good feeling about myself, my confidence is coming back and I feel much more positive than I can remember. My home life has improved; the tension has gone. Sleep has improved and I feel less angry.

RF (6 sessions)

My Trauma occurred in a helicopter crash. I first developed symptoms within a month. I went to my GP who referred me to a CPN. He gave me some computer tests, these came up with no PTSD just an adjustment thing. Nothing happened. I was then asked to sit the test again and was told “you’ll be fine”. About 18 months ago things got much worse. My family were concerned about me and a member of my family found Tricia. The technique (rewind) Tricia uses works very well. Didn’t have to sit and go through every detail of the trauma. It feels much safer doing it in your head.

BM (8 sessions)

I cannot thank you enough for how you have helped me these past months, I do feel a lot stronger and I have a healthier mind set towards things. I honestly don't think I would have been able to get to this stage without your help, so again thank you.


I’m an Occupational Health Nurse. As part of the Time to Talk campaign, I saw a member of staff yesterday whom you helped last year and he asked if I would pass on his most grateful thanks to you. He feels that the sessions he had with you have really helped him.

BM (6 sessions)

After suffering from depression from many years I sought help through the BUPA scheme and from my GP. I was put on medication and referred to a therapist. I had some success with the therapy but after a while I realised it wasn’t having any permanent effect and stopped the sessions and came off the medication.
About a year after coming off the medication I went back to my GP and started back on the medication. I also felt I needed some sort of therapy and after research, I came across the ‘Human Givens’ and contacted Tricia At the first session, Tricia explained to me all about Human Givens and Rewind therapy. She also explained about the human needs and how missing any of those needs could have an effect. I left the session feeling more positive and hopeful than I had felt in a long time At the second session Tricia gave me my first experience of Rewind therapy and after the session I noticed the benefit of it straight away. For the next couple of days, after that session, I felt like a totally different person. It was a real game changer for me, as I hadn’t felt that clear in my head for a very long time.
I had the third session a couple of weeks later and that was the one which really made a difference, another rewind on different memories. Since that session I have only gone forwards. Tricia has helped me to work through those things that I need in my life, but she has done it in a way that is very relaxed. It’s not difficult to understand and work on things away from those sessions. I can now understand how to work through my problems and I don’t let negative emotions swamp me. I find it much easier to focus on the positive and if things do get bad I am able to step back and work out how to move forward in a good way.
I had six sessions, in total, with Tricia, but there was a complete change in my outlook from the third session onwards. I can’t talk highly enough about how much this treatment has meant to me. I feel like it’s given me a life that I’ve never really experienced before. When I started this therapy, suicide was a constant in my life. It was always on my mind and I truly believed that one day that would be the only option for me. I carried that with me every single day. It doesn’t even feature anymore. It’s not just me that has noticed the difference. My family and friends have all seen a change in me. I rarely get frustrated or lose my temper and I accept that some things are beyond my control. I know that I am still capable of slipping but I believe that Tricia has helped me find the tools and methods to deal with this. The future’s bright. Thank you.

EA (2 sessions)

I just wanted to let you know how I have got on since our last session. I am feeling so much better and although the memory of the event is still there it is as if I have to think really hard to remember it rather than it flashing up in my mind at every opportunity.  Although I still have anxieties they are more about the future rather than reliving the past. Thank you so much

BK (12 sessions)

When I first came to see you with my OCD I felt completely out of control. Over the time we have worked together you have been so patient with me and worked with me to give me strategies to deal with this thing that has dominated my life for so long. I am so much better now, things are pretty good, it’s still there a bit but much more manageable, definitely so much better than when I first came to see you. So thank you for setting me on the right path

DT (3 sessions)

The Human Givens approach Tricia practises means that treatment is rapid and focused. I met with Tricia only three times to receive a massive benefit to my life. The whole experience of meeting and working with Tricia was very positive and enjoyable - I would recommend her wholeheartedly!

JW (2 sessions)

Hello from a client of several years ago, who you treated for phobias associated with flying. I am considerably better, and continuing to improve. I have recommended you to various other people over the years also, as I was very pleased with the outcome of my two sessions. With best wishes,