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Healthier Mind Practice

Guiding you through difficult times


What We Do

Feel better and more confident about the future quickly. At healthier Mind Practice, you will be given strategies, resources and practical help enabling you to feel a positive difference from your very first session. 

Working from the Human Givens approach is fast, brief and effective in helping people return to a healthy sense of wellness. It is a talking therapy, that uses a combination of up-to-date, effective techniques, that include relaxation and visualisation to move you from the here and now to where you want to be and there is no need to delve into your past, or discuss traumatic events that you don’t want to talk about.

We will work with you, to help you feel better quickly. Even longstanding issues can be improved relatively quickly. We will listen, guide and give you skills, enabling you to feel a positive difference from your very first session!

All sessions are online

Tricia Curtis

Tricia is a highly skilled and experienced therapist of over 16 years; she is able to support those with all forms of emotional and psychological distress and has a special interest in working with trauma (PTSD). As well as working with private clients Tricia has longstanding experience in working for corporate companies whose staff need emotional support.Tricia has a nursing background and has many years’ experience both as a practitioner and as a senior manager in the NHS. 

As a registered member of the Human Givens Institute, (HG.Dip.P.  MGHI) Tricia works in accordance with their code of ethics for good practice and takes outcome measures to provide evidence and demonstrate results to her satisfied clients. She is also a Human Givens Supervisor

Tricia is registered with the HGI, Information Commissioner’s Office, PSA  and holds an enhanced DBS certificate.

Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor