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As a Human Givens Supervisor I work from the Human Givens Framework and offer supervision for Human Givens therapists,  teachers and anyone working in healthcare or welfare. 

I aim to create a safe space for: 

  • Critical reflection on therapeutic practice with a focus on outcomes for the client;
  • Discussion, review and critical reflection for teachers
  • Discussion, where indicated, of any action required to meet clients’ needs beyond the confines of therapy – such as referral to agencies better placed to offer assistance.
  • Discussion of any matters arising from your work with clients, if and when needed;
  • Addressing any other questions regarding human givens therapy and its practical applications.
  • Discussion of caseload – lack of, or feeling overwhelmed, as required
  • Discussion of new ideas, books and articles as required

I will provide:

  • Suggestions for options with the client/s discussed;
  • Suggestions for professional development where requested or indicated;
  • Any other feedback as requested or required.

You will be able to contribute to a written agreement regarding Supervision sessions